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A Store Is Born - A Bookish Romance

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Our story is a classic one!  Two bookish people met and fell in love and moved in together with their two cats and a moving truck of books that both had collected.   He loved intellectual classics, history, and Russian poetry.  She was into the arts and cooking and had eclectic tastes in literature ranging from the classics to contemporary thrillers.  Everyone who knew them bought them books as gifts, or passed on their used books to them. These two could never walk by a bookstore, especially a used bookstore, without picking out a volume or two for their ever growing collection,  Then children came and with them, you guessed it, came even more books!   Finally one day this bookish man and this bookish woman looked at each other above the heads of their bookish children and the lightbulb went off!  "Let's open a bookshop!" they said at the same time,  And so they did.   Why not make a living doing something you really love?  A Bookish Girl is our way of paying it forward and sharing our love of great books  with you, our customers.  We hope that you will treasure every book you buy from us and give each and every one of them a wonderful home.  Books can live again and again and touch the lives of so many!  From our library to yours with love - xoxox - Sam & Mi

What We Sell

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At A Bookish Girl we sell antique, vintage and collectible first editions only.   We first fell in love with very old books … there is just something magical about them!   Then over the years we realized that some of our newer, contemporary first edition books were becoming collectible too!    Our books are sold in MINT to GOOD/GENTLY USED condition.  If there is any wear, staining, or flaw we let you know in the description and photos.  The reality is that many books, even those that have lived untouched on shelves for decades may have some fraying or fading.  Most of these books belonged to real people who stored them in open bookcases.  Some of them added their names or bookplates which, to us, just adds to the charm of the book!   When we price our books we always do our research to make sure that you are getting a competitive market price and we factor in condition.  We sell only online.  This good news to you as it significantly reduces our overhead cost and allows us to offer you great pricing, or auction options that would be difficult with a brick and mortar shop.   Some of the books we sell come from our own very large personal library, some we find at estate or library sells.   We keep our eyes out near and far for books that fit our customer niche.  Please see our current offerings page to see what we have available now.


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We are a virtual only bookstore and sell through Etsy.   We encourage you to look at our shop both here and on the Etsy site for the most up-to-date offerings and sold status. We are not offering direct sales at this time and work within the perimeters and guidelines of our third-part selling site.

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Questions & Answers

Q:  How Quickly Do You Ship?

A:  We typically ship our vintage & collectible books  from our book store within 1-3 business days of order receipt.  Again, we follow the guidelines of each selling site.

Q:  How Much Does Shipping Typically Cost?

A:  This will vary depending on which book or how many books you buy, the weight of those books (books can be heavy), the shipping method you select and where you are located.  Typically for USA USPS Priority we see a charge of between $10.50 up to $25 or more depending on variables noted above.   You will have confirmation of shipping cost at time of sale.  If outside the USA, we will need to make a quote at the time of sale and factoring additional costs and fees based on country we are shipping to.

Q:  Do You Accept Returns?

A:  We consider all sales as final.   This said we do honor the guidelines of our selling sites.    We strongly encourage that you reach out to us before buying with any questions.  We also disclose any wear or damage and include photos if there are imperfections.  If there is any issue with your order, we will address on a case-by-case basis. You can reach out to us using the messaging system available at our Etsy shop.

Q:  Can we just cut out the middle man and buy from you directly?  

A:  No.  We enter into agreements with our selling sites and honor their guidelines.   It is important that we have transparency in our dealings with them.   While we understand why customers would sometimes prefer to deal with us directly, we currently only sell through our partner sites.